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Title deed taxes in Turkey

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The property tax is considered one of the important items that must be taken into account before purchasing real estate, as it is a substantial payment. It amounts to 2% of the property price, imposed by the state on both the seller and the buyer. Although there is no clear and explicit provision in this context, usually the expenses are borne by the buyer, meaning the buyer pays 4% of the total property value as a registration fee. Therefore, it is essential to consider this amount and agree in advance between the parties on how to pay the property tax clearly between the seller and the buyer. It is also necessary to specify the commission that the intermediary will receive, in addition to the expenses incurred when paying the property sale fees if there is an intermediary between the seller and the buyer.

As for how to calculate it, it is as follows:
Regarding how to calculate the property tax, it is done through a simple calculation by multiplying the registered property price, let’s assume it is $100,000 for example, by the property tax rate:
So, we say $100,000 x 4 which gives us a result of $4,000, which is the property tax value for transferring ownership of the property in Turkey.

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