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Types of Turkish passports:

  1. Regular Turkish Passport (Red):
    This is the general passport issued to all citizens of the Republic of Turkey and citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in general, without any specific conditions. It is characterized by its red color, contains 60 pages, and is valid for ten years.
  2. Special Turkish Passport (Green):
    The special passport issued in green color consists of 52 pages and is issued by the Turkish government to high-ranking individuals such as parliament employees, professors at Turkish universities holding high academic degrees, former ministers and parliament members, and government officials of various ranks based on seniority and years of service.
  3. Service Turkish Passport (Gray):
    This passport is granted by the Turkish government to state employees sent abroad on official missions, such as embassy and consulate staff. It is distinguished by its gray color and consists of 28 pages.
  4. Diplomatic Passport:
    The highest-value passport in the Turkish state, characterized by its black color, is granted to individuals holding high positions in the state such as the President, ministers, parliament members, ambassadors, judges, military generals, former parliament presidents, retired ministers, prosecutors, Secretary-General of the Presidency, high-ranking vice presidents, governors, head of religious affairs, and mayors.
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