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The most famous landmark of Istanbul is Topkapi Palace

Regions in Turkey

The Palace of the Sultans, the center of administration of the Ottoman Empire for 4 centuries, the artistic masterpiece that lies in the middle of the historical region between the outskirts of the Bosphorus and its golden bay and near the Sea of ​​Marmara.

Topkapi is located on the European side of Istanbul, and is considered one of the closest areas to the city center.
The region was given this name because of the presence of Topkapi Palace, the largest palace in Istanbul, which was the headquarters and residence of the Ottoman Sultans, which attracts many tourists to visit it.

As you watch and explore all that has been previously mentioned, it remains to draw your attention to the most important palace exhibits that should not be missed, which are as follows: the throne of Vizier Ibrahim Pasha, the throne of Sultan Ahmed I, the dagger of Sultan Mahmoud, in addition to the bowl of Tsar Nicholas II, King of Russia.

Topkapi Palace in Istanbul is distinguished by its containing a group of rooms, and you will be attracted to explore these rooms and see how they were designed, the furniture and decorations that adorn these rooms, as well as the purpose for which these rooms were created. There are royal rooms, private rooms for servants, as well as rooms that were allocated in the past to receive guests.

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