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Galata Tower is an important historical stop for visitors to Istanbul

Regions in Turkey

A compass for tourists coming to Turkey, to embrace the magic of Istanbul. It is a tourist landmark that bears witness to the times, and is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful towers in the historical city.
Its construction dates back to the Middle Ages, and today it still stands tall, attracting residents and foreigners to take unique souvenir photos, especially since its high height.
It provides a panoramic view of the city of Istanbul from a height of about 67 meters, in a scene that gives you an embrace of the charming beauty of the city.

It was restored during the time of the Ottoman Empire in 1509, following the earthquake that struck Istanbul at that time, by the well-known Ottoman architect at the time, Khair al-Din, one of the students of the famous architect Sinan.
An interesting story about the Galata Tower continues to circulate on the lips of the Turks. The story says that the tower is the place that was chosen by Hezfran Ahmed Çalabi, who lived in the seventeenth century.
To try his first attempt at flight, using the artificial wings that he separated and installed himself.
He also worked on checking the durability of the wings in the Okmeydani area in Istanbul, prior to the flight test.

Galata Tower consists of 9 floors, so the first seven floors are ascended by electric elevator, and the rest of the floors are completed by the visitor on foot, and on the ninth floor there is a restaurant for visitors.
When tourists enter the first floor, they are greeted by several employees who guide them during their tour of the tower, before issuing tickets for them and organizing them to exit in the elevator.
It can accommodate about 6 people, and on the first floor there are also many small tourist shops that sell traditional gifts to tourists.
On the eighth floor, there are several bathrooms, in addition to a photography studio, which displays traditional Ottoman clothing, special for the bride’s henna night, in order to take souvenir photos, print them, and deliver them immediately to visitors.
The tower administration does not stipulate a specific duration for the tourist’s tour of the tower, and imposes a small financial fee for foreign tourists to enter the tower.

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