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Türkiye amends the law on renting housing for tourism purposes

Information about Turkey

Tourist rental of apartments in Turkey in general means that the owner prepares furnishings for his apartment and then rents them to tourists, whether local or foreign, for several days or weeks. This type of rental is characterized by having a very high return compared to annual rental.
In the past, unlicensed apartments for tourist rental were dealt with according to each municipality, some of whom prohibited and some allowed, but now with the issuance of the new law that will be implemented starting from 01/01/2024, the system will be unified and include:

In order for a property owner to be able to rent it for short-term contracts (less than 100 days), he must do the following:

1- Obtaining a commercial license from the municipality that allows him to rent this property in a touristic manner, and a sign must be posted indicating that this property is designated for touristic rental.

2- Approval must be obtained from all apartment owners in the building to allow the owner of this apartment to rent it on short tourist contracts (less than 100 days).

3-The number of apartments allocated for tourist rental in any building must not exceed 25%, even if the entire building is owned by one person.

Contracts that are organized for a period of less than 100 days must be exclusively for an apartment licensed by the municipality, as we mentioned in the first clause.

Apartment owners who may circumvent this law by writing contracts for a period of more than 100 days and then renting apartments for a shorter period will be followed up by allowing them to have 4 official contracts for each year. Therefore, in the event of a violation, a fine of one million Turkish liras will be imposed on the apartment owner.

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