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Underground cistern or buried palace!? Basilica cistern

Regions in Turkey,مناطق تركية

The city of Istanbul never ceases to amaze its tourist fans. Despite the city’s fame with well-known tourist places; However, it has more areas that are not as famous as other well-known regions.
The Basilica Cistern is the largest of the hundreds of ancient cisterns located under the ground of a city in the world
This subterranean structure derived its name from a large public square that was located on the first plateau in Constantinople, the Basilica of Stoa, which was originally built underground before it was converted into a tank. This tank derived its beauty from its beautiful marble columns. It was built between the third and fourth centuries during the early Roman era to be a commercial, legal and artistic center.

Location of the Basilica Cistern, Istanbul: The submerged palace is located in the Sultanahmet area, next to Sultanahmet Square of the Fatih Municipality, and 150 meters from the Hagia Sophia Mosque in the European section of Istanbul.

The water is still settling on its ground and between its sides, with a distance of 4 meters and 80 cm between each column, and the number of rows of columns reaches 12, each row containing 28 columns.

Within it, the bridges extend like long corridors connecting its sides, forming, along with the columns, a wonderful architectural masterpiece.
Water submerges about 50 cm of its land to form a large pond through which visitors can clearly see some fish swimming in it.
The Basilica Cistern in Istanbul was famous for its mysterious mysteries and mythological tales revolving around the head of Medusa, in its tilted and upside-down shape, and the Wishing Column.

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