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Pilar Bay Palace is all about luxury

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It was ordered to be built by the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Aziz. It was used as a resort for the Ottoman sultans, and it was also used as a headquarters to host world leaders and politicians.
It is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, and is distinguished by the majesty of design and beauty of construction, as the spirit of Eastern and Western arts blends in it.
The palace is also surrounded by a lush garden full of trees, statues, and many water pools, making the palace the most beautiful palace in Istanbul from the days of the Ottoman Empire, a symbol of the greatness of its sultans who paid attention to architectural art with high taste.

In addition, Baylerbey Palace in Istanbul has many other features represented by its large area. It contains 26 rooms, 6 halls, and two bathrooms, one for men and the other for women. In addition to the beauty of the design and the magnificence of the construction, it is a mixture of Eastern and Western architecture. It is also distinguished by the gardens that surround it. Outside and the water pools, inside the palace there is everything that is antique and antique, such as lamps, mirrors, vases, etc.

Once you arrive at Pilarbey Palace in Istanbul, you can take a tour along the coast of the Bosphorus Strait to see the palace from the outside, take some pictures of the Haremlek and Sermluk wings that the palace overlooks, and take pictures of the building’s external views. You can also participate in excursions that pass in front of the palace.

You can take some souvenir photos in front of the huge palace gate, which is distinguished by its carved marble columns. You can also wander around the palace garden and courtyards and enjoy watching the limestone columns and rock sculptures.

Pilar Bey Palace has a splendid interior design that attracts attention, along with royal furniture such as gilded drawers and colorful chandeliers, in addition to copper decorative pieces and its ceiling painted with the most beautiful ancient drawings.

The palace includes a large reception hall with a water basin and a fountain, decorated with gilded columns, French crystal chandeliers, and copper utensils. You can visit the palace’s private bathroom and from there you can go to the palace tunnel. You will greatly enjoy your visit to this place, which is considered the most wonderful landmark of Istanbul.

Near Pilar Bey Palace in Istanbul, there are the most famous landmarks of the city that you can easily visit, such as the Bridal Hill, the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, the Girl’s Tower, and other charming places favored by tourists.

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