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What are the advantages of a Turkish passport?

Information about Turkey

The Turkish passport has many advantages, which are:

Entry to 77 countries without a visa, in addition to easy entry to 26 Schengen Area countries.

A Turkish passport holder can travel to 33 countries and automatically obtain a visa upon arrival.

A Turkish passport holder can travel to more than 8 countries by obtaining an electronic visa online.

One of the most important features of the Turkish passport is that it is one of the 30 best passports in the world.

It provides free tuition fees and university payment plans granted to Turkish citizens.

There is no need to specify a minimum required period of stay.

The period for processing and delivering the Turkish passport is relatively short, around 30 days, and is considered an important advantage of the Turkish passport.

Its holder obtains all medical rights provided to Turkish citizens.

The owner can benefit from the retirement plan as a Turkish citizen.

It grants the right to vote for all types of elections in Türkiye.

One of the best features of the Turkish passport is that it allows people who hold Turkish passports to obtain dual citizenship, meaning that a foreigner can maintain his original citizenship.

The Turkish passport is valid for 10 years.

Another advantage of the Turkish passport is that it can be renewed for life.

People with Turkish citizenship are entitled to obtain a Turkish passport immediately after obtaining Turkish citizenship.

These features exist at the present time with the possibility of development and increase in the very near future

Why Türkiye?

1- Enjoying the full rights of a Turkish citizen

2-Profitable real estate investment

3- Obtaining Turkish citizenship is for life

4- Obtaining Turkish citizenship for the whole family together

5- A new name and surname upon obtaining Turkish citizenship

6-The strength of the Turkish passport

7-The diverse culture in the country

8-Continuously developing infrastructure

9-The geographical and political position of Turkey

10-The future of Türkiye

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