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Beylikduzu area, everything you need to know

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The Beylikdüzü area is witnessing a great boom in the field of real estate investment. Compared to other suburbs in Istanbul, it is of higher quality, more organized, and rich in diversity.

“The Beylikduzu region is free as a swallow… it is mastered in coexistence and work. O guests who come to us, be our neighbors, and let us all enjoy the goodness of Beylikduzu and the hope it spreads.” [Ekrem Imamoglu: former mayor of Beylikdüzü, and mayor of Greater Istanbul]. Beylikduzu is a beautiful, modern suburb of Istanbul, boasting long streets and spacious green squares. It keeps pace with the latest European standards, is characterized by its clean air and healthy structure, and is distinguished by its advanced medical and educational facilities, and its socially educated people.

The Beylikduzu region is located west of Istanbul, and is bordered by the Avcilar region to the east, Esenyurt to the north, Buyukcekmece to the west, and to its south is the Sea of ​​Marmara.

Beylikduzu area is about 40 km away, which is the distance between Istanbul city center (Taksim area) and Beylikduzu. Those interested are wondering: How far is Beylikduzu from Taksim? The truth is that whoever lives in Beylikdüzü apartments will find tourist, service, social and entertainment facilities in them, which completely eliminates the need to repeatedly go to the city center, as will be discussed in detail in the following lines… As for when the passion of historical Istanbul takes you to the desire to visit Sultan Ahmed and Taksim Square, for example Modern transport networks, from the Metrobus to the tramway, will take you there quickly, and even land expressways as well, but you must avoid peak hours and crowding! The advantage of investing in Beylikduzu Istanbul real estate Today, Beylikduzu is witnessing a great boom in the field of high-quality real estate investment, taking into account what the investor generally gains from the advantages of buying a property in Turkey. Compared to other suburbs in the city of Istanbul, it is higher in quality and more organized in terms of Urban development, and real estate investments in this region are expected to record record profits.

Availability of services – universities, schools, and secure transportation in Beylikduzu. The spread of hospitals, shopping centers, laboratories, new real estate projects, transportation routes, higher schools and universities, and the presence of malls in Beylikduzu as well, all of this has contributed to increasing the importance of the region, as has the spread of international schools and universities. There has been an increase in requests for renting residential units in the region, and this has been clearly reflected in the recent influx of investors and residents to the region.The arrival of the Metrobus express bus line also greatly affected the prices of apartments in Beylikduzu. In a real estate evaluation conducted by some real estate institutions, it was found that the margin of difference in real estate prices in the Beylikduzu area in Turkey had reached more than 56% per square meter. Depending on the proximity and distance from the Metrobus line located on the E5 highway.

An intense trend of investors towards Beylikduzu. The Beylikduzu area of ​​Istanbul was previously far from the attention of investors, as the infrastructure in the area was still in its infancy, in addition to its distance from the city center, but today it is witnessing a more organized and higher-quality urban development compared to other areas of Istanbul. The presence of villas for sale in Beylikduzu made it the focus of attention of investors in the Turkish real estate sector, especially after eliminating the transportation problem there and linking it to the city center via the “Metrobus” express bus line. In recent years, the region has witnessed systematic expansion through the spread of high-quality, earthquake-resistant buildings, Which has increased its value and made it one of the leading areas of Istanbul that attracts real estate investments. The spread of residential complexes in Beylikdüzü, and the fact that these complexes contain centers for social, recreational and sporting events, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, children’s entertainment centres, gardens and other service and social facilities, has made them more attractive to investors. Among all other real estate properties in Turkey.

The establishment of the grand farm added about 450,000 acres of agricultural land to Beylikduzu; With the passage of time and after the beginning of the construction and organization movement in the 1970s, residents of the old neighborhoods of Istanbul and those coming to it from other cities found that the summer resorts area on the west coast is a very suitable alternative for housing in a new environment far from overcrowding, with a beautiful nature and at competitive prices. Some newcomers have chosen the Gürpınar Mahallesi neighborhood for housing, due to three basic factors: the spacious lands. Fertile soil. Clean Beylikduzu coast.Thus, the area gradually transformed from a summer resort area into an environment suitable for living in all seasons. With Turkey’s adoption of the free market model in its economy, and the establishment of the General Housing Administration in 1984 AD during the era of former President Turgut Ozal, the idea of ​​collective housing and the establishment of residential complexes emerged, and Beylikduzu, with its vast lands, was one of the most suitable areas for establishing these complexes. In 1987 AD, 11,000 homes were constructed to be the nucleus of Beylikduzu complexes, and their establishment was a major turning point that launched the region towards broad horizons of development and expansion.

With the first beginnings of seeing the light of these projects, tens of thousands of Istanbul residents began moving there and planning their new lives there. Another major turning point was in 1989 AD with the opening of the Gürpınar Mahallesi municipality, and immediately after that, the Yakuplu and Kavaklı regions began taking their first steps on the path of transforming from two small villages into two organized areas affiliated with Beylikduzu. Beylikduzu villa projects, especially near Beylikduzu beach, began to appear, and the high rates of movement to these areas were accompanied by the increasing industrial renaissance in the region, and the establishment of its main industrial zone, “Organizesanayie bölgesi,” and this played a major role in accelerating the development of the Beylikduzu region.

The Beylikdüzü Istanbul region constitutes a solid economic center in relation to its mother city, Istanbul, with increasing potential and investment opportunities. It has the largest commercial container port in Turkey, with an area of ​​approximately 1.5 million square metres, and as for its major industrial city, which was established on an area of ​​1,600 dunams, it provides job opportunities for 15 people. thousand people; In addition to its second industrial city, “Bisan Industrial City,” which has an area of ​​450 dunums, and alongside them are many industrial and commercial sites. The advantages of the Beylikduzu region in terms of organization and nature. Here, Beylikduzu is the most organized region in European Istanbul.With its stations with a large capacity for distributing and filling fuel, with its thermal station that produces electricity with natural gas and fuel, with its easy land roads leading to sea and air ports, with its fish market, which is the largest fish market in Turkey, with its unparalleled residential and professional construction spaces, in the International Fair City. Tüyap that adorns it. Beylikduzu is a rural and urban area combined, which combines the fish in its sea, the fruits and vegetables on the trees of its orchards, and the natural honey in the beehives of its farms, next to the latest shopping centers, luxury offices, and large parks completely covered with Internet networks, And the latest technology in outdoor sports equipment. The region also contains vast green spaces, and multiple gardens and forests, perhaps the most prominent of which is the Valley of Life Park – Beylikduzu, or the Green Valley Park as some call it, which is several adjacent, connected parks extending over large areas within the Beylikduzu region of Turkey adjacent to the Sea of ​​Marmara. The park is distinguished by its unique collection of free children’s games, in addition to waterfalls, sparkling streams, and wonderful fountains. Valley of Life Beylikduzu Park also includes, within it, a private garden called the Japanese Garden, which is dotted with traditional Japanese huts that visitors race to take pictures next to, in addition to the spread of wide, filtered water pools in which large, beautiful, colorful fish swim.Medical services and hospitals in Beylikduzu There are 4 private hospitals, 34 dental clinics, 13 medical centers for oral and dental health care, and 3 dispensaries.

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