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Elections for those holding Turkish citizenship

Information about Turkey

Elections for those holding Turkish citizenship are a topic that is discussed a lot, but first you must know that the Turkish Republic is one of the democratic countries in which elections are held regularly, and power is transferred in a peaceful, democratic manner away from dictatorship, and the President of the Republic is considered the head of state, in accordance with the constitutional amendments that The system of choosing the president was introduced into the Turkish Constitution. At the beginning of 2014, the President of the Republic of Turkey was elected for a period of five years by direct popular vote, renewable once, after the old system stipulated that the President be elected by the votes of Parliament once for a period of seven years. In this article We will learn about the elections for those holding Turkish citizenship.

Those holding Turkish citizenship have the right to cast their votes provided that they obtain a Turkish ID and verify the address of their polling place.

There are two ways to check the location of the ballot box:

-Verification through the official website of the Supreme Elections Committee

Go to the official website of the Supreme Election Commission, then choose the new ID (T.C. Kimlik Kartı Yeni) if you have the new ID, and the second option if you have the old ID.

-Verification via the electronic government website (e-Devlet)

You can check your polling place through the electronic government website (e-Devlet).

Log in to your account and then search for Yüksek Seçim Kurulu Başkanlığı (Supreme Election Board).

Click on Yurt İçi Seçmen Kaydı Sorgulama (Voter Registration inside Türkiye)

If your address is correct, you will see a page with the first section bearing your name, surname, national number, and address.

In the second section it contains:

Voting place (name of electoral center) Oy Vereceğiniz Yer

Box number Sandık Numarası

Floor number Sıra Numarası

How do I vote in the elections?

When you go to vote, there will be no need to contact any employee to help you. It is sufficient for you to confirm the address of the school, the address of the hall, and the address of the box where the ballot will take place.

When you enter the school, you will find lists posted on the door. Make sure your name is there and wait until you are allowed to enter if there is crowding.

When entering the hall, you are asked to present your Turkish ID, then the employee will give you the election paper, the election stamp, and an election envelope with which you must go to the closed room.

Before leaving, you must sign the electoral participation list carried by an observer.

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