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Istanbul’s new airport…information and details

Regions in Turkey

Istanbul Airport is considered one of the most important new airports in the world, and its opening during the year 2018 constituted a qualitative shift that reflected positively and effectively on the Turkish economy. It was unique from others with modern features and logistical services that made it worthy of the title of the best and largest airports in the world. It is expected that Istanbul Airport will add 4.9 percent. % to GDP by 2025.

The Airport’s Space:

The area of ​​Istanbul Airport is 76.5 million square meters, with a capacity that reached 90 million passengers per year in the first phase, and it is planned to accommodate 200 million passengers annually once all its stages are completed, to become the largest airport in the world.

The Airport’s site:

The new Istanbul International Airport is located in the Arnavutköy area in the European side of Istanbul, overlooking a long distance from the Black Sea coast in Turkey.
Its geographical location has increased its importance, as it has become a gateway to the world and a meeting point between East and West, and it is scheduled to control air traffic on the three continents (Asia – Africa – Europe) by virtue of its strategic location.
Istanbul Airport is a short distance from the main highway D020, which makes it easy for travelers to move to and from the airport. It is 85 km from Sabiha Gokcen Airport and about 35 km from Ataturk Airport.As for the most important tourist areas in Istanbul, it is 40 km from Taksim Square, 55 km from the Kadikoy area, and 45 km from the Sultanahmet area. There is easy access from the new Istanbul airport to the high-speed train line, as well as to the new water canal in Istanbul and to many ports and roads. Land and sea transportation.

Operational capacity:

The new Istanbul International Airport has 4 terminals that can accommodate about 150 million passengers at the present time. It also includes 6 landing strips, a control tower, 165 bridges, 3 technical areas and aircraft parking areas with an area of ​​6 and a half million square metres, in addition to being equipped with an open and a closed garage that can accommodate about 70,000. Cars and 16 aisles for aircraft, and the airport’s capacity reaches 500 aircraft.
During the first year of its opening, 2018-2019, that is, before the time of the Corona pandemic, 22.7 million passengers traveled through it.
Istanbul Airport also includes many restaurants, cafes, sweet shops, and shopping stores selling electronics, fashion, jewelry, etc. It also has art galleries, children’s entertainment places, other places designated for rest and showers, cinema halls, libraries, private suites, an airport post office, and automated teller machines.

Prizes and rewards

Istanbul’s new airport has won many awards since its opening and ranks high among the world’s airports in terms of efficiency of performance and service. It has received many international awards even before its opening. Its observation tower won the European Center for Architecture and Design Award in 2015.
During the year 2016, the Passenger Building won a design award in the Future Projects and Infrastructure category from the World Architecture Festival. As for the roof of the building, it was dominated by traces of architectural art, which was built in the style of the designs of the famous Ottoman architect Sinan Agha (1489/1588 AD).

During the year 2019, it also won the title of Airport of the Year in terms of services provided and the influx of foreign tourists, and in the year 2020, Istanbul Airport received the “5-star airport” award for the first time, and in the year 2021, the new Istanbul Airport was classified as one of the most efficient airports on the continent. European airport on the one hand and the 2021 airport on the other hand.
In the same year, the international AIR TRANSPORT NEWS Foundation conducted an opinion poll for many travel enthusiasts around the world who visited many airports in the world. They expressed their opinion in the poll regarding the best airports and the best performance and services, and Istanbul Airport was their first choice.

During the current year 2023, Istanbul Airport won the award for the second most popular airport in the world in terms of travel destinations, according to data published by Cirium, a company specializing in the aviation sector, through its connection to 309 destinations around the world.
These titles come from the actual capabilities that the new Istanbul Airport has, as its infrastructure is strong and advanced, in addition to the high capabilities and modern technology available in it, and the highly efficient services it provides to travelers.

Istanbul International Airport and real estate investment

The new Istanbul Airport is located in the Arnavutköy area, which a few years ago was a remote area and did not have many capabilities, but thanks to the new Istanbul Airport, it has turned into one of the most important real estate areas in Istanbul.
With the start of operation of Istanbul Airport, the activity of construction companies in the region doubled, and in a short period dozens of luxury real estate projects appeared, and many investors became interested in owning apartments for sale in Istanbul next to the airport. Thus, the value of real estate in the region doubled and the airport’s surroundings were transformed into an urban level that competed with all the ancient and upscale areas of Istanbul.According to the opinion of Turkish real estate market experts, real estate investment in areas near the airport is a smart and successful deal, and real estate there will witness a significant increase with the tireless movement witnessed by the airport and with the acceleration of construction companies and infrastructure projects.

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