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Kucukcekmece Region

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Real estate investment in Turkey in general and in the region in particular is considered one of the most important successful investments in the city of Istanbul, due to the acceleration in the industrial, urban and cultural renaissance of the region and vital facilities in general.
Investing in Kucukcekmece is an important strategic choice, as it is located in the middle of the most important and vital centers of the city.

Location of Kucukcekmece district in Istanbul:

Kucukcekmece district is located on the European side of Istanbul.

It is bordered to the north by the Başakşehir region and to the east and south by the Bağcılar, Bahçeevler and Bakırköy regions, and this indicates that it is the industrial region in the middle of the city of Istanbul and the modern areas.

Kucukcekmece is about 17 kilometers away from the vital center of Istanbul, in the middle of which are the two roads that are the main artery of the city of Istanbul, the main road E5 and the TEM highway.

Advantages of living and investing in the Kucukcekmece area of ​​Istanbul:

Housing in the Kucukcekmece area is characterized by housing that has all the specifications of luxury and stability. The area includes several marketing centers, such as the Armoni Park shopping center and Arena Park, and several other centers, in Safakoy and others, and they are centers of great importance to the residents because of the integrated needs they provide. There are several cultural centers and universities in the region, and it is also a region filled with beauty due to its location on the European shore of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and the charming view it possesses due to its location on Kucukcekmece Lake.

The area contains a large number of new and future residential projects, which makes the area an ideal place to live and work in. The most important of these projects is the Century Project, the Istanbul Canal Project and the Third Istanbul Bridge.

At the educational level, the region includes many public and private schools, as the number of schools reaches 96, and there are 3 universities in the region that are considered among the most important universities in Istanbul, Istanbul Ariel University, Istanbul Aydın University, and Sabahattin Zaim University.

Kucukcekmece region is mainly a dense industrial area. The municipality has more than 200 large factories and commercial industrial sites and nearly 10,000 industrial enterprises and workshops. Therefore, it can be said that the region is the first industrially located within the city of Istanbul.

Kucukcekmece Lake and Beach:

Kucukcekmece Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Istanbul, and it is located fifteen kilometers from the center of Istanbul.

The length of the lake is ten kilometers, and its width does not exceed six kilometers, and water skiing, jet skiing and semi-circular shows are held there. Kucukcekmece Lake is home to a number of rowing clubs.

It is also considered one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul for watching the sunset. However, after the lake’s pure waters were distorted by rapid industrial progress, intensive government efforts began to clean the lake.

The beach is also located in the European part of the city of Istanbul, and it is a free public beach, which everyone can enter and camp on. Between the Sea of ​​Marmara and Lake Kucukcekmece is a coast full of sand and pebbles, into which rushing water flows.

Thousands of people enjoy the natural views of this coast, especially bird watching and sunsets, and also enjoy the water sports available there

The Kucukcekmece area of ​​Istanbul is very popular with foreign real estate investors:

The Kucukcekmece district in Istanbul accounted for 3.1% of the real estate investment area for foreign investors in Istanbul in the second half of 2020, and 2.7% of all real estate investments for foreign investors with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship, according to a study conducted and published by the EVA Real Estate Evaluation Company. Zingat website

Advantages of real estate investment in Kucukcekmece:

The area is considered one of the most important areas that attract those looking to own a property in Istanbul due to the view of most projects and real estate on Kucukcekmece Lake, and in addition to the region provides a model of fertile life that combines nature and industry at the same time.

In addition, there are many modern amenities and a range of high-end services that most projects in this region follow, and the specifications of real estate in the region are considered suitable for those who wish to settle and live in the city of Istanbul.

Those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, the European side, will find the region one of the best options for real estate ownership in Turkey, as it is characterized by its modernity and suitability to modern international standards, and residential complexes are also available with their luxurious services.

Transportation in Kucukcekmece:

Kucukcekmece is distinguished by its ease of transportation, as both the metro and the metrobus pass through it, which are the two most important means of transportation in Istanbul, which connect its Asian and European sides, in addition to the bus and minibus network.

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