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Mall of Istanbul…what distinguishes it?

Regions in Turkey

Mall of Istanbul is considered one of the most important modern malls in Istanbul and is distinguished by its extension over a wide area, and it may take more than a day to enjoy wandering around it and discover all its secrets. The huge commercial complex was opened in 2014 and consists of six towers whose design was inspired by the city of Istanbul itself. The complex consists of 4 residential towers, an office tower, a large building dedicated to the hotel and hotel units, and a huge shopping mall.

Information about Mall of Istanbul

The area of ​​the shopping mall is approximately 156 thousand square meters, and it was beautifully designed, spread over 4 major floors. The architectural details of the Istanbul Mall were inspired by the precise geometric style of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the historic Taksim Square, and the Ottoman Yildiz Palace. The complex provides its visitors with a pleasant atmosphere through its spacious halls and glass ceilings that pass the sun’s rays to invest in comfortable natural lighting to the maximum extent possible, so viewing all the stores on each floor while walking around becomes an extremely easy and beautiful matter.

Parts of Mall of Istanbul

The Mall of Istanbul consists of four major sections:

1-The residential complex: It includes Mall of Istanbul apartments.

2- Mall of Istanbul Hotel: It includes hotel apartments.

3- Commercial office building: It includes the offices of the Mall of Istanbul.

4-Shopping mall: Mall of Istanbul stores.

With more than 350 stores and thousands of luxury brands locally and internationally, Mall of Istanbul combines shopping, culture, art and entertainment under one umbrella, and gives added value to the concept of shopping at the Turkish national level in particular and the European level in general. The store’s offerings range from fashion, electronics, folk foods, home and furnishings, and children’s toys, in addition to a huge hypermarket that provides all your needs. It is worth noting that the Grand Mall of Istanbul contains many international brands that display the latest fashion trends, women’s and men’s clothing, as well as distinctive fashions for beloved children.

The mall also periodically hosts many international exhibitions and festivals, which display jewelry, paintings, antiques, authentic artefacts, and seasonal decorations, coming to Istanbul from all over the world.

Where is Mall of Istanbul located?

Mall of Istanbul, the largest comprehensive center for shopping, entertainment and modern life in Istanbul, is located within the Basaksehir area, which is considered one of the most important areas witnessing tremendous urban growth and development on the European side of Istanbul. Given the Mall of Istanbul’s location in the heart of the Basaksehir area, on the TEM highway that connects the European and Asian sides of the city of Istanbul; The Mall of Istanbul is easily accessible via public transport buses, as well as metro lines, and a free shuttle service to and from the mall, for visitors staying in the most famous hotels in Istanbul.

Going to Mall of Istanbul by metro: You can easily reach Mall of Istanbul by metro by taking the M1B metro, then the M3 metro, and stopping at Ikitelli Sanayi “Iktli” station, or by M2 metro, then M1B, then M3 metro, and stopping at Ikitelli Sanayi “Iktelli Industrial” station.

The Best Mall In Istanbul:

The largest malls in Istanbul, with a record full of achievements and a history full of awards, Mall of Istanbul has won several international awards during the series of development operations it has implemented. It was selected as “Best Mixed Use Project” and “Best Shopping Center Development Project” at the 2011 European Property Awards.

Later, Mall of Istanbul also won the “High Achievement Future Projects” award at the 2011 RLI Awards, which was organized by a leading international magazine in the retail and entertainment sector. Subsequently, Mall of Istanbul was named “Best Shopping Center” for the year 2015 at the City Awards, which is concerned with identifying the best in the luxury real estate industry. The Mall of Istanbul has also proven its success on the international scene, by winning the “Best Shopping Center in Europe” award in the “Mega Shopping Malls” category classified by the International Shopping Centers Council ICSC.

Services available at Mall of Istanbul

The Mall of Istanbul provides a range of important services that ensure the comfort of residents, guests and visitors alike, the most important of which are:

ATM machines.
Maternity and children’s room.
Safety deposit boxes.
information desk.
Foreign currency exchange.
Wireless Internet network (Wi-Fi).
First aid point.
Spacious bathrooms.
Free garage parking.
Valet parking service (Valley Service).
Taxi station.
Frequent transportation services.
Passenger loading and unloading point.
Family parking. Bicycle parking.
Purchase tax refund point (KDV value added tax) External sessions.
Internal sessions.
A prayer hall and mosque (Friday prayers are held there).
Facilities for movement of people with special needs.

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