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Maslak Area

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The Maslak area in Istanbul, located within Sariyer, the most prestigious neighborhood in Istanbul, is one of the brightest areas in terms of investment and achieving high financial returns, thanks to its vitality and its central location between the Asian and European sides of the city.

It is called “the city of the wealthy” because of the sophistication of the area and its choice by the highest classes of Turkish society, including ministers, merchants, businessmen, and artists, to live and settle there.
In addition to being an ideal area for the residence of foreign ambassadors and businessmen,

Where is Maslak located in Istanbul?

The Maslak area is considered part of the Sariyer district in Istanbul. The Maslak area overlooks the Sariyer forests in the northeastern part of European Istanbul.

It is also distinguished by its proximity to the vital areas of Sisli and Eyup, in addition to its proximity to the famous Bosphorus Strait, which separates the European and Asian parts of Istanbul. The Maslak area is only about two minutes away from the “Taksim” and “Levent” tourist areas in the European center of Istanbul, and less than 6 minutes away from the Bosphorus Strait.

It is also possible to reach the Asian side of Istanbul within 15 minutes from the center of the Maslak area, and it is less than half an hour away from the new Istanbul Airport.

To this day, Maslak is considered the first attraction for the upper classes, merchants, celebrities and businessmen, and all of this stems from the cultural dimension of the region, which was home to nobles, princes and sultans in the Ottoman era since the seventeenth century AD, and this is what you see with your own eyes if you visit its museums and historical palaces.

Advantages of living in the Maslak area:

There is no doubt that this area is one of the most luxurious areas in Istanbul. It is an area that combines civilization and wonderful urban development, from skyscrapers and residential complexes with imaginative and creative specifications to large and giant companies, housing and stability.

You are reading about a region that combines civilization with dazzling urban development, of skyscrapers and creative residential complexes with imaginative specifications for large and giant companies, housing and stability, by classes searching for beauty, pleasure, lights and a lively life, at the same time, and the region is based on a long history of renewal. And prosperity until today it has become the first investment center in Istanbul, and one of the largest real estate development areas in the city as a whole, in addition to hosting huge shopping centers, markets, a transportation network, hospitals, schools and universities, which make investment and housing opportunities there a correct and appropriate choice for the future.

The most important vital and service facilities in the Maslak area:

The Istanbul Maslak region includes a large list of areas designated for tourism and hiking, with various well-known types of entertainment, including:

Mehmed the Conqueror Bridge over the Bosphorus Strait:

It is considered one of the most important suspension bridges linking European and Asian Istanbul.

Maslak Palace:

بني في عهد السلطان محمود الثاني وتم إكماله في عهد السلطان عبد العزيز بين عامي 1861-1876م لأغراض الاستجمام والصيد. و يقع القصر حالياً تحت إدارة القسمِ التركيِ للقصورِ الوطنية.

Belgrade forests:

The Belgrade Forest is a park for the people of Istanbul, and is known for its picturesque nature extending over vast areas. The municipality also supervises the park area in the Belgrade Forest well in terms of providing the necessary services. The Turkish Belgrade Forest is classified as one of the largest and most famous parks in the Turkish city of Istanbul, and it is considered a natural reserve due to… Due to the diversity of trees, plants and animals.

Vadi Istanbul Mall:

Shopping at Istanbul Valley Mall gives you a unique shopping experience. It is one of the most important malls and commercial markets in Istanbul, due to its luxury and crowding by residents and tourists, with an area estimated at 103 thousand square meters and includes many international names and brands.

Vadi Istanbul Mall has the latest cinematic display technology in the whole world in Gold Class and X-screen seats. Gold Class seats give you the utmost comfort while enjoying the movie in luxurious, comfortable seats that enjoy high cleanliness and a special shawl and slippers service. Screen X showrooms have a distinctive sound system and various seating options in rooms where the display screen and curtains are designed at a 270-degree angle.

Transportation in the Maslak area in Istanbul:

Modern transportation plays an important role in the vitality of the Maslak area of ​​Istanbul, especially since it is a central area on the level of Sariyer Istanbul, as well as on the level of Istanbul in general, and two metro stations of the M2 line pass through it, and the area is also close to the E80 highway, in addition to easy transportation access to Sisli. Eyup and Besiktas, which makes the Maslak area an ideal incubator for real estate investment.

The M2 metro line passes through the Maslak area of ​​Istanbul and has two important stations within Maslak:

  • Atatürk Oto Sanayi Vodafone İstasyonu
  • İtü-Ayazağa İstasyonu

The area is also fed by a network of buses and buses that connect the Maslak area to neighboring neighborhoods and areas, such as:
41AT – 47L – 41E – 41C – 48L – 47L

Advantages of investing in the Maslak area in Istanbul:

What the Maslak area is going through in this period makes us almost certain that it will be the best place to own real estate in Istanbul, and despite the high real estate prices there, it also attracts businessmen, capitalists, and high-income people who do not pay much attention to the issue of high prices as much as they do. They do not care about the comfort, luxury and tranquility that the area enjoys.

Today, investment in the Maslak area in particular is seen as a guarantee of a real estate future that is not tainted by anything, due to the region’s increasing vitality on other economic levels, such as tourism and its embrace of the trade center in Istanbul, which prompted the construction companies responsible for constructing residential and commercial complexes to give special attention to the designs. An attractive, creative elegance in the distinctive geometric shape of the building, in light of the enormous competition between construction companies within the region to gain the satisfaction of buyers and investors.

Therefore, this region is expected to have a vibrant and promising future, not only at the real estate level, but also at other economic levels such as tourism, trade, and investment.

Services and entertainment in Maslak:

There is an amusement park in the area, and there are many parks nearby, “including Emirjan Park and Belgrade Forest.”

Cafes, restaurants and hotels in the Maslak area are among the finest service facilities in Istanbul

Proximity to the Bosphorus gives a special entertainment advantage to living in the Maslak area

In addition to the above, we talked about the region’s richness in hospitals, health centers, schools, universities, and trade and shopping centers.

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