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Zeytinburnu area

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The Zeytinburnu area is located in the southern European part of the city of Istanbul, with an area of ​​11.16 square kilometers. It is considered one of the most beautiful and important areas of Istanbul. It is located at an important point between Ataturk Airport and the heart of the old center. It is adjacent to important neighborhoods, to the east of which is the Fatih district, Eyüp Sultan in the northeast, and Bayram. Pasha in the north, Esenler in the northwest, Bakirkoy and Gungorn in the west, and the Sea of ​​Marmara in the south.

The location, history and strategic importance of the Zeytinburnu region:

The first settlement in Zeytinburnu began with the Turkish takeover of Istanbul, and after the conquest of Istanbul by Mehmed the Conqueror in 1453 AD, a group called the “Jerusalem Priests” left the center of Istanbul and settled around Kazliçeşme, especially on the “Coast of Zeytinburnu,” where they planted olives until they became A charming area full of olive groves.

After the conquest of Istanbul, Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror brought the leather merchants of the Anatolia and Edirne regions to the Zeytinburnu and Kazliçeşme regions, and the region was opened to the Turks and became a center for the leather trade.

The Zeytinburnu region was previously an independent town with a modest area until it joined the city of Istanbul in 1957 to become one of the municipalities of Istanbul and an advanced area with advanced government services. As for its name, the Zeytinburnu region was given this name by the citizens who were accustomed to planting olive trees in the region. All year round, hence the name of the area “Zeytinburnu”.

The Zeytinburnu area is one of the most lively areas in the European part of Istanbul, and it is very close to the city center, separated only by the walls of Constantinople. It is considered within the center of Istanbul and is located only 15 minutes from Taksim Square and 20 minutes from the Besiktas area, and very close to the airport. Ataturk is about 9 km away, meaning a time period not exceeding 15 minutes, and the international highway (D-100) E-5 passes through it. It is a coastal area located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara.

The most important feature of the Zeytinburnu site is its proximity to the Istanbul Water Canal, “the crazy dream and project” of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It is about 11 km away from it, and you can reach it via the E-5 highway in a very short period of time.

All of this made the Zeytinburnu region of strategic importance and an important location, which gave the real estate market in Istanbul the greatest activity and made it the focus of attention of Arab and foreign investors and the most important complexes of Istanbul, as it is the ideal strategic location for real estate investment in Turkey, and through this article we will learn about the advantages in the region. Borno olives and their importance.

Features of the Zeytinburnu region and its importance:

1-Zeytinburnu, the beating heart of Istanbul in 2023:

The Zeytinburnu area is located in the southern European part of the city of Istanbul, with an area estimated at 11.16 square kilometers. It is considered one of the most beautiful and important areas of Istanbul, and it is adjacent to important neighborhoods, in the east of which are the Fatih district, Eyup Sultan in the northeast, Bayram Pasha in the north, and Esenler in the northwest. Bakirkoy and Gungorn are in the west, and the Sea of ​​Marmara is in the south. The population of the Zeytinburnu region is 283,657 people, according to the 2020 statistics.

Zeytinburnu district consists of 13 neighborhoods:

Beştelsiz Mahallesi neighborhood

Çarpıcı Mahallesi neighborhood

Gökalp Mahallesi neighborhood

Kazıklıçeşme Mahallesi neighborhood

Maltepe Mahallesi neighborhood

Merkezefendi Mahallesi neighborhood

Nuripaşa Mahallesi neighborhood

Seyitnizam Mahallesi neighborhood

Sümer Mahallesi neighborhood

Veliefendi Mahallesi neighborhood

Telsiz Mahallesi neighborhood

Yenidoğan Mahallesi neighborhood

Yeşiltepe Mahallesi neighborhood

The average elevation of the Zeytinburnu area above the sea is 30-35 m. Zeytinburnu is characterized by a beautiful and moderate coastal climate due to its location on the shore of the Sea of ​​Marmara.

In the summer months, in the period from June 10 to September 14, the average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, and in August the highest temperature is recorded at 29 degrees Celsius, while in these months the lowest temperatures are recorded at 21 degrees Celsius.

In the winter months, in the period from November 29 to March 25, the average temperature is less than 13 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature rise is recorded in this period, reaching 9 degrees Celsius, while in February the lowest temperature drop is recorded, 4 degrees Celsius. It is the coldest month of the year, and the average annual rainfall is 15 mm.

The Zeytinburnu area has an ideal infrastructure and a strategic location that completely exposes the sea to the south, in addition to its modern construction, organized streets, and calm character, which made it an excellent choice for newcomers to ownership and settling in Istanbul.

The Zeytinburnu area is considered one of the most important summer and tourist resorts in Istanbul, and its beautiful coast is distinguished by being one of the most visited places by people who live in the region, whether they are locals, Arabs or foreigners, as it allows you to spend an enjoyable time with your family through picnics and walking paths. And others. There are many entertainment and tourist places, the most important of which is the Historical Panorama Museum (Panorama Tarihi Müzesi), one of the most important and popular museums in Istanbul among local visitors and Arab and foreign tourists. Using the latest sound and lighting technologies and huge panoramic murals, the museum displays the details of the battle of the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in an interesting and distinctive way instead of narrating the battle as a long, rigid story, which is the most famous and greatest battle in the history of Turkey, which occurred in the year 1453. The museum is also known as Istanbul Topkapi. There is also the Medicinal Herb Garden in Zeytinburnu (Zeytinburnu Tıbbi Bitkiler Bahçesi), the largest medicinal plant garden in Turkey in Zeytinburnu, and there are more than 700 plant species, including special species.

2-The social incubator in Zeytinburnu:

The population of Zeytinburnu reached 283,657 people according to the 2020 statistics, and the population continues to increase due to the large number of residential projects and real estate investment there. It is also a real estate investment area that attracts Arab and foreign investors.

The region is characterized by the diversity of its residents, as it includes a mixture of Turks, Arabs, and foreigners of multiple nationalities, and the largest gathering area for Arab and foreign communities. Arab and foreign investors from all countries of the world are present in the Zeytinburnu region.

The increasing population growth has allowed the establishment of many social facilities in the area, many cafes, entertainment and shopping centers, restaurants, especially in coastal places, and others. The number of males in Zeytinburnu is 143,190 people, constituting 50.48% of the total population, while the number of females is 140,467 people, constituting 49.52% of the total population.

The region is characterized by a very high youth population structure, as the age group of young people between the ages of 15 and 39 years constitutes the largest percentage in this region, at a rate of 42.37% of the total population, and those between 0 and 14 years of age also have a high rate, at a rate of 21.13% of the total population, and the percentage of ages Those aged between 40 and 59 years represent 26.05%, while the percentage of elderly people aged 60 years and above is low at a rate of 10.45% of the total population. While in terms of civil status, the rate of married people is 40.63% of the total population, the rate of single people is 24.69%, while the rate of divorced people is 3.46% of the total population.

From a scientific and cultural standpoint, the percentage of those holding doctorate, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees constitutes 13%, which is a very high percentage, and the percentage of the rest of the educated people at various levels constitutes 80% of the total population.

The Zeytinburnu area is dominated by the very wealthy social class, with a high rate of 32%, while the rich and middle class constitute 55% of the total population. This created great social vitality in the Zeytinburnu area, especially through the increase and race of Arabs and foreigners to invest in real estate in Istanbul.

Advantages of investing in the Zeytinburnu area:

Among the most important and numerous investment advantages that make the Zeytinburnu area one of the most important real estate investment areas in Istanbul are:

Its distinguished strategic location on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and its proximity to the most important areas of central Istanbul, such as Fatih, Eyüp Sultan, Esenler, and Bayram Pasha.

It is close to the center of Istanbul, as it is separated only by the walls of Constantinople. It is considered within the center of Istanbul and is located only 15 minutes from Taksim Square and 20 minutes from the Besiktas area.

Its proximity to the Istanbul Water Canal project, “the crazy dream and project” of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which is about 11 km away and is considered one of the most important major development projects in Turkey and the world. This project will give the Zeytinburnu region great importance in real estate investment.

The international highway (D-100) E-5 passes through it, and the most important feature of this road is that it passes directly through the Istanbul Water Canal and the Zeytinburnu area.

It is close to the recently opened Eurasia Tunnel, which is a car tunnel that passes under the Bosphorus and connects the continent of Asia to Europe in five minutes.

Zeytinburnu is very close to Ataturk Airport, as it is about 9 km away from the Zeytinburnu area, meaning a time period not exceeding 15 minutes.

Zeytinburnu is characterized by a beautiful and moderate coastal climate due to its location on the shore of the Sea of ​​Marmara, where the average temperature in summer is 25 degrees Celsius.

The Zeytinburnu sea coast overlooks the historic walls of Istanbul (Constantinople) and can be seen from it with the naked eye, not to mention a beautiful pedestrian promenade and a yacht marina that the Zeytinburnu municipality recently established.

Zeytinburnu is close to the port of Bakirkoy, which allows you to travel by sea to the ports of Yalova and Mudanya and many ports within Istanbul, away from noise and crowding.

Advantages of Zeytinburnu economic and commercial area:

The Zeytinburnu region is one of the important production areas in Turkey, as it includes about 25,000 workplaces, about 10,000 workshops, and many factories. Zeytinburnu is characterized by the characteristics of industrialized countries and is famous for sewing, weaving, textiles, leather manufacturing, home furnishings, and metal goods, which contribute to the region’s economy and income. The national rate is also high, and the proportion of the workforce in the industrial sector is high in Zeytinburnu compared to Turkey and Istanbul in general.

When it comes to leather clothing, the first place that comes to mind is Zeytinburnu. Zeytinburnu is considered a vital center for trade and a center in the middle of the city. The region constitutes one of the largest leather markets in the world, as it has become a center where processed leather is offered for sale and a center where all types of displayed leather are also displayed. For sale and manufactured abroad.

The largest Turkish home furnishings companies are located in the Zeytinburnu region, where there are 26 companies among the top 500 companies in Turkey. The region has the largest commercial centers and markets, such as the Zeroj Port Mall, the Olivium Outlet Center, and others.

These advantages contributed to increasing the citizen’s income and made the Zeytinburnu region one of the first regions of economic and commercial importance.

Advantages of the Zeytinburnu area from a structural standpoint:

In recent years, the Zeytinburnu area has turned into one of the most vibrant areas and an incubator for major luxury residential projects with leading brands in the region, as part of the comprehensive development and urban renaissance plan witnessed by the city of Istanbul. This is due to the many advantages offered by the state, which prompted Arab investors in particular and foreign investors in general to invest or reside in it, and the most important of these advantages are:

All residential projects and buildings in Zeytinburnu are luxurious and designed with a wonderful and very modern appearance in the form of complexes, and are earthquake-proof according to the standards set by the Turkish Earthquake Administration.

The area is spread over towers and residential complexes that were expanded in previous periods and enjoy distinctive sea views, as they are located directly on the sea, which has made them very expensive.

The region has witnessed a qualitative renaissance in urbanization and the real estate sector in general, especially because of its vital location as a transportation node in addition to its proximity to the sea. The number of residential projects established there has increased, which has witnessed a great demand from investors and capital owners to buy apartments in Zeytinburnu.

The movement of development and modernization and the many projects carried out by the municipality of Zeytinburnu, where it worked to establish many buildings and institutions that serve citizens and investors, including educational institutions, sports facilities, mosques, etc., and many projects on the coast.

The Istanbul Water Canal project, which is very close to the Zeytinburnu area, is one of the largest and most important projects in the region, as it will contribute to a modern urban revolution in the region, and make it the focus of attention of investors from all over the world.

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